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Juniper Networks M40 Routers Deployed in DANTE's Groundbreaking Pan-european Research Network

Sunnyvale, CA - November 14, 2000 - Juniper Networks, Inc. (Nasdaq: JNPR), a leading provider of IP infrastructure, today announced that DANTE, operator of the pan-European research network, has deployed multiple Juniper Networks M40 Internet backbone routers at the core of the TEN-155 pan-European IP research backbone.

DANTE, an acronym for Delivery of Advanced Network Technology to Europe, is an active participant in the development of new networking services to support European research. Juniper Networks Internet backbone routers will enable DANTE to provide stable and scalable managed bandwidth IP services to the European academic and research community.

DANTE has installed M40 routers at Points-of-Presence in London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Paris, and Stockholm as part of an ongoing project to evolve the existing TEN-155 network into a next generation STM-16/OC-48c network.

"We looked at a variety of Internet backbone routers. Juniper Networks offered us the scalable IP capability, together with reliability and intelligent processing needed to cope with DANTE's burgeoning connectivity throughout Europe," said Dai Davies, general manager for DANTE. "By deploying Juniper Networks routers, DANTE is leading the way for the progression of pan-European research networking over the next several years."

"Naturally, we are very pleased that the Juniper Networks solutions have been chosen at the heart of the network managed by DANTE. The Juniper Networks routers will play a vital part in improving the communications between the various European research institutes. Research is vital for the development of all aspects of society, both technical and human. At Juniper Networks, we're proud that with our solutions we contribute to this development," said Tony Morrish, Director, Operations, EMEA, Juniper Networks.

The new IP network, to be named GÉANT, is being developed with the financial support of the European Commission on behalf of the European university networks and heralds a migration away from deploying ATM at the core. DANTE believes that this will enable the company to provide the most advanced and scalable IP network to all of its research subscribers.

The M40 routers are connected to 622 Mbps circuits across Europe, offering DANTE the flexibility to scale up to STM-16/OC-48c as the GÉANT network supersedes TEN-155 within the next year. TEN-155 currently connects 20 national and regional research networks including JANET, the network for the education and research community within the UK.

Across the GÉANT network, DANTE will leverage the Juniper Networks equipment to develop three differentiated levels of IP managed services. Firstly, there will be a Standard best-effort IP service with high-speed backbone and access capacity. A Premium IP service will provide higher performance guarantees than the Standard IP service. Finally, a Guaranteed Capacity IP service will fully utilise Juniper Networks IP QoS and MPLS traffic engineering capabilities to provide a best-of-breed, end-to-end managed bandwidth service.


Since its creation in 1993, DANTE has been responsible for four consecutive generations of European research networks, and is active in the ongoing development of European research networking. DANTE has "Research Association" status in the UK, is owned by European research networks and organises, manages and builds international networking services on their behalf. The pan-European research network enables European scientists to compete on an international stage by providing them with a world-class backbone that offers the bandwidth and the Quality of Service required for research and development activities at this level. It represents the basis for the introduction of "virtual laboratories" and "virtual institutes" in Europe.

DANTE has developed a range of interconnectivity agreements with other national research networks, such as ESnet, Abilene and the Internet2 project in the United States, CANARIE in Canada, and NII in Japan.

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