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Sonera Selects Juniper Networks M20 Internet Backbone Routers

Sunnyvale, CA - July 5, 2000 - Juniper Networks, Inc. (Nasdaq:JNPR), a leading provider of next-generation IP infrastructure systems, today announced that Sonera has selected Juniper Networks M-series IP backbone routers to increase the speed of its Internet backbone and build an enabling environment for new, intelligent network services.

The central equipment on Sonera's new Internet backbone will be the Juniper Networks M20 router installed in all the main cities throughout Finland.

In addition to boosting data transmission speeds, Sonera is committed to advancing data security and manageability of the next generation Internet. After extensive testing Sonera concluded that the performance of the M20 router, along with the enhanced security functions, increased visibility into network operations, and rich service creation capabilities of the Internet Processor II ASIC, exactly fit Sonera's requirements.

"From the user's point of view, adding capacity is not enough. More important are new, intelligent services made possible by the next generation Internet, and Internet manageability, in particular," said Markku Järvinen, Vice President of Sonera Online Services." The services for the new Internet are implemented using next generation technologies. Compliance to standards and interoperability play a crucial role. Flexibility, manageability and scalability are called for. With the M20 router and the Internet Processor II, Juniper Networks more than fulfills these requirements."

"Companies like Sonera are the driving force behind the implementation of new and exciting infrastructure technology. The fact that Sonera has chosen Juniper Networks routers underscores the point that Juniper Networks systems are able to meet the increasing demands for new IP services that customers want," said Tony Morrish, Operations Director EMEA at Juniper Networks. "With the Juniper Networks products installed, Sonera will have one of the most advanced IP infrastructures in the Nordic region," Morrish concluded.

With the deployment of Juniper Networks routers, Sonera is putting into place an IP infrastructure that is able to cope with the explosive growth of Internet traffic. The boom in mobile communications and the introduction of the wireless Internet will be mirrored by the traffic on the Internet, both in Finland and abroad.

Ericsson, Juniper Networks world-wide partner, will supply the routers and will be responsible for first-line support.

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