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KPNQwest Selects Juniper Networks for European STM-64 IP Infrastructure

High-bandwidth European IP Backbone

Mountain View, CA - March 28, 2000 - Juniper Networks, Inc. (Nasdaq:JNPR), a leading provider of IP infrastructure platforms, announced its newly introduced M160 Internet backbone router was selected by KPNQwest to form the heart of their new European STM-64 IP backbone.

KPNQwest will initially deploy the M160 routers in 15 major European cities including Amsterdam, London, Paris and Frankfurt. 10 Gbps optical circuits will connect all these cities and later stage deployments in Madrid, Helsinki, and three other European cities will complete the pan-European backbone.

"We are witnessing an explosion in exponential demand for secure high bandwidth data transmission capacity. In order to meet growing customer demands we are building a high-speed 10 Gbps IP backbone, which is truly unique in the market. This gives our customers the bandwidth to migrate with confidence to the Internet-enabled economy, with the power, security, and reliability of a secure, high-speed, self-healing network behind them." said KPNQwest CEO Jack McMaster. "With the M160 router, Juniper Networks has introduced a breakthrough product. It provides a core routing service that allows us to fully leverage the unique quality of our transit free and fully redundant IP network that is already serving thousands of customers in Europe," McMaster concluded.

"The KPNQwest network environment is leading edge in terms of product features, reliability needs, and bandwidth requirements," said Scott Kriens, president and CEO, Juniper Networks. "The M160 Internet backbone router uniquely meets these needs, and Juniper Networks is honored to be at the core of KPNQwest network."

KPNQwest's current network comprises three fibre optic rings, known as EuroRings. These connect 23 European cities, including London, Amsterdam, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Paris, and Brussels. KPNQwest's fully deployed network will consist of a total of seven interconnected EuroRings, linking 46 cities in Europe and is scheduled to be fully operational in the second quarter of 2001. The Juniper Networks M160 router will be at the core of the backbone that connects the seven EuroRings.

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