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UUNET Selects Juniper Networks M40 Internet Backbone Routers for Deployment in its U.S. Network

Latest Customer Win Showcases the M40 Router's Wire-speed Performance and Company's Internet Expertise

Mountain View, CA - April 28, 1999 - Juniper Networks, Inc., a market leader in emerging IP infrastructure solutions, today announced that UUNET, a division of MCI WorldCom and a global leader in Internet communications solutions, will deploy Juniper M40 Internet backbone routers in its U.S network. The M40 routers, powered by JUNOS, the first Internet-optimized routing operating system, will provide UUNET's customers with the highest level of reliability and superior performance for their traffic, regardless of network conditions.

Juniper Networks has worked closely with UUNET to test, qualify and deploy the M40 as the network router in the core of its network. This deployment follows a rigorous and extensive evaluation by UUNET. Their criteria included compatibility with the existing environment, ability for JUNOS to scale, system performance, system resiliency under stress, and support capabilities.

"Our customers rate connection availability and network performance as the two most important factors enabling successful business operations. Business customers want Internet access around the clock, which means providing a 100 percent reliable, scalable IP infrastructure," said Mike O'Dell, UUNET's chief scientist. "Juniper Networks focus and expertise have given the company a significant role in the Internet community. Juniper is also heavily involved within the standards bodies such as the IETF to ensure customers'needs are being met by the evolving standards."

"UUNET has been at the forefront of advancing the Internet. This deployment further demonstrates that Juniper Networks has the proven ability to deliver next-generation IP solutions to the world's largest and most demanding Internet service providers, like UUNET," said Scott Kriens, CEO and president, Juniper Networks.

The M40 represents a new generation of routing devices designed to handle Internet's growth. As the first platform to integrate switch-level performance with software-enabled routing and control, the M40 features a number of breakthroughs in ASICS-based packet processing, Internet routing and traffic engineering. The M40 also features the fastestpacket look-up engine at 40 Mpps (million packets per second), which is supported by the JUNOS software, the industry's first Internet-optimized routing operating system.

"Juniper Networks M40 adds a significant new competitive offering in the core router market segment. By specifically focusing on customer requirements for network reliability, software richness, and performance Juniper is able to provide a system that expands service provider options for provisioning competitive services to their users," said Jennifer Pigg, senior vice president, data communications, The Yankee Group. Today's announcement of the M40 deployment by UUNET is the latest in a series of customer and interoperability announcements from Juniper Networks since the M40 Internet backbone router began shipping in September 1998. The product is being deployed in the world's largest and fastest-growing networks, including Cable & Wireless USA, Frontier Global Center, MCI WorldCom's vBNS, UUNET and Verio, Inc. Juniper and CIENA Corporation also recently announced successful interoperability testing between the M40 backbone router and CIENA's MultiWave Sentry™ DWDM optical networking system. British Telecom is currently trial testing the M40 backbone router.

About Juniper Networks, Inc.

Juniper Networks is the leading provider of a new generation of high-speed IP infrastructure platforms that meet the scalability, performance, density and compatibility requirements of rapidly evolving, optically enabled IP-based networks. Using the breakthrough JUNOS software, ASICs and wire-rate performance of the company's flagship M40 Internet backbone router, Juniper Networks enables new IP, content and broadband access service providers to maintain a competitive advantage by growing their business rapidly through new IP service delivery. The M40 is deployed in the world's largest and fastest Internet networks.

The M40 router is supported by Juniper Networks world-class service, support, manufacturing teams and Internet experts. The company is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California*, with international offices in Leatherhead, UK. For more information on Juniper Networks, please contact the company at 408-745-2000 or visit our Web site at https://www.juniper.net.

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