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Juniper Networks M40 Routers Deployed in Cable & Wireless USA's Internet Network

Mountain View, CA - March 3, 1999 - Juniper Networks, Inc., provider of the industry-leading M40 Internet backbone router, today announced that sixteen M40 systems are being deployed within the largest Points of Presence (POPs) of Cable & Wireless USA's Internet backbone network. The M40 router provides customers of Cable & Wireless USA faster, more reliable Internet access and packet delivery.

"The unparalleled wire-speed performance of the M40 and JUNOS software provide the support necessary to achieve rapid growth," said Randy Catoe, vice president, Internet Engineering, Operations, Solutions and Support for Cable & Wireless USA. "Juniper Networks plays a critical role in positioning Cable & Wireless USA as a premier provider of global IP services."

"The deployment of the M40s into Cable & Wireless USA's global network is a significant milestone for Juniper Networks," said Joe Furgerson, vice president of marketing for Juniper Networks. "This is the culmination of working closely with Cable & Wireless USA to meet their exacting quality standards, while affirming our ability to support and grow the most demanding network environments."

"The Internet backbone is a very challenging environment for equipment vendors," said Chris Heckart, analyst at Telechoice. "The bar to competitive entry is incredibly high, given the growth rates of these networks and the rapidly evolving feature requirements. Juniper Networks M40 Internet backbone router shows the promise of enabling new backbone access providers to build world-class IP-based optical networks."

The M40 represents a new generation of routing device designed to handle the unique network control and reliability demands resulting from the explosive growth of the Internet. As the first platform to integrate switch-level performance with software-enabled routing and control, the M40 features a number of breakthroughs in ASICs-based packet processing, Internet routing and traffic engineering. The M40 also features the fastest packet look-up engine at 40 Mpps (million packets per second), which is supported by the JUNOS software, the industry's first Internet-optimized routing operating system.

In December 1998, the Juniper Networks router was selected as "Product of the Month" by Telecommunications magazine. In January of this year, the M40 system was chosen as "Hot Product of the Year" in the New Public Network Category, a coveted award presented annually by Data Communications magazine.

About Cable & Wireless USA

Cable & Wireless is one of the world's leading providers of integrated communications and a major global supplier of communications traffic: Internet, data, voice and video. Its businesses around the world offer a range of services, spanning interactive entertainment and information, broadband data, Internet access and broadcast television, as well as fixed and mobile voice. With 17 million customers in 70 countries, Cable & Wireless is one of the world's largest carriers of international traffic, providing mobile communications in more than 30 countries and operating the world's largest, most advanced cableship fleet.

Cable & Wireless plc is listed on the Stock Exchanges of London, New York (NYSE:CWP) and Frankfurt. For more information about Cable & Wireless USA, click on http://www.cwc.com/.

About Juniper Networks, Inc.

Juniper Networks is the leading provider of a new generation of high-speed IP infrastructure platforms that meet the scalability, performance, density and compatibility requirements of rapidly evolving optically enabled IP-based networks. Using the breakthrough JUNOS software, ASICs and wire-rate performance of the company's flagship M40 router, Juniper Networks enables new IP, content and broadband access service providers to maintain a competitive advantage by growing their businesses rapidly through new IP service delivery.

The M40 Internet router is deployed in the world's largest and fastest Internet networks.

The M40 router is supported by Juniper Networks world-class service, support and manufacturing teams and Internet experts. The company is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California*. For more information on Juniper Networks, please contact the company at 408-745-2000 or visit our Web site at https://www.juniper.net.