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IBM and Juniper Networks Form Strategic Technology Relationship

IBM ASICS at the Core of Juniper Networks Internet Backbone Solution

Mountain View, CA - November 5, 1997 - IBM and Juniper Networks, Inc. today announced that IBM is providing custom Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs) for Juniper Networks new class of Internet backbone devices as part of a strategic technology relationship between the two companies. Under the agreement, IBM is custom designing the chips for Juniper Networks innovative Internet product family, tightly integrating Juniper Networks software and IBM silicon logic.

"By combining our mutual communications, computer and systems design experience, IBM and Juniper Networks are bringing a new level of system-level silicon integration to networking," said Bruce Beers, director of ASICs for the IBM Microelectronics Division. "Juniper is the ideal partner to push the envelope of ASIC technology to deliver new, high performance solutions for the Internet."

According to both companies, this technology and development relationship underscores the critical role that ASIC technology will play in next-generation Internet networking products, building on the high-bandwidth, flexible design concepts and expertise from the computing industry.

"IBM's advanced expertise in process, design and tool methodology combined with Juniper Networks world-class talent in networking and computing is an ideal combination to deliver the next-generation high bandwidth solution at the core of the Internet," said Peter Wexler, vice president of engineering at Juniper Networks. "To achieve the necessary performance levels that ISPs demand requires the most advanced computing capability based on cutting-edge ASIC technology."

IBM joins a premiere team of communications companies that are working with Juniper Networks. In August of this year, Juniper Networks announced partnerships with Ericsson, Inc., Lucent Technologies, Nortel (Northern Telecom), the Siemens/Newbridge alliance, 3Com Corporation, and Worldcom Inc., subsidiary, UUNET Technologies, Inc.

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IBM is a leading supplier of semiconductor products to manufacturers of data processing, communications and consumer electronics equipment. IBM provides a unique combination of sophisticated design tools and methodologies, portfolio of intellectual property, superior technology and worldwide support for advanced ASIC designs.

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Juniper Networks, based in Mountain View, California, was founded in February 1996, to design, develop and deliver integrated hardware and software solutions for the Internet that address the scalability, performance and quality issues of continuous and explosive growth.