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    The success and growth of Juniper Networks is guided in part through our close relationships with industry analysts and influencers. Our global analyst relations team is committed to maintaining two-way relationships through frequent communication.

    We welcome opportunities for analysts to learn how Juniper Networks is providing solutions with greater choice and control, while reducing cost and maximizing investment.

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  • Analyst Recognition

    “Network operators require flexible, disaggregated optical line solutions supporting best-of-breed coherent modules. With the Programmable Photonic Layer and proNX Optical Director, Juniper becomes the first vendor to offer centralized, disaggregated open optical line system control software from the network hardware. Today’s announcement shows Juniper is helping customers accelerate migration towards open, programmable packet-optical transport networks.”

    – Don Frey, Principal Analyst, Ovum

    “Juniper Networks has a strong history in both network orchestration and security. The next five years will be critical for companies that are planning to transform their network infrastructure. Security buyers deploying complex SDN-enabled networks would be wise to consider vendors with a deep expertise in network orchestration.”

    – Jeff Wilson, Research Director and Advisor, Cybersecurity Technology at IHS Markit

    “Customer requirements for routing and transport are evolving rapidly requiring carrier-class features with cloud-based scale and simplicity to better align with how cloud networks are being architected and deployed. With this announcement Juniper is addressing both traditional service providers and cloud providers who require new architectures and platforms purpose built for next-generation workloads such as 5G, machine learning, and AI.”

    – Alan Weckel, Founder and Technology Analyst at 650 Group

    “Juniper’s Software-Defined Secure Networks unified cybersecurity platform leverages the entire network and an open ecosystem, which is the right defense posture for customers to take in order to best keep today’s networks safe. No longer can a single vendor or end-point product stop cyber criminals as customers continue to rapidly migrate to diverse cloud environments. Juniper is bringing their solution, which features automation, machine learning and real-time intelligence, together with third-party devices, technology partner integration and a suite of open APIs to deliver true unified security.”

    – Rob Ayoub, Research Director, IDC Security Products Program

    “Considerable effort and investment continues to pour into Juniper’s security business to make the portfolio more competitive and differentiated.”

    – Brad Casemore and Rohit Mehra, IDC

    “IDC believes that Juniper’s more recent security initiatives, such as its Software-Defined Secure Networks (SDSN) strategy, are well aligned with market needs and trends. In particular, the SDSN approach of investing the network fabric with inherent and pervasive security intelligence, through advances in AI and machine learning, seems well placed to provide the sort of proactive, policy-based detection and enforcement that will be needed as digital transformation plays out across Juniper’s increasingly diverse customer base.”

    – Brad Casemore and Rohit Mehra, IDC

    “Juniper’s DC Ethernet switch revenue was up 18% QoQ and up 50% YoY. Juniper’s growth continued in 4Q16, propelled by strong demand by cloud providers which accounted for 25% of Juniper’s switching revenue last year, and drove up sales of its QFX products by 50% in FY16, and 90% YoY growth in 4Q16.”

    – Cliff Grossner, Ph.D., senior research director & advisor for cloud, data center and SDN at IHS Markit

    “Juniper’s Open Cloud Interconnect gives the company a stake in the ground in both IP and optical DCI markets and the BTI technology is a differentiator for it in the optical area.”

    – Shin Umeda, Vice President, Dell’Oro Group

    “Unite Cloud is hitting on the mega trends, complexities and customer concerns around hybrid and multi-cloud deployments.”

    – Brad Casemore, IDC

    “Meeting the challenges of scaling and operating DCI networks is increasingly important as network operators of all kinds seek revenue growth from cloud business opportunities. DCI networks today range from simple point-to-point configurations to more sophisticated, multi-service mesh networks. With Open Cloud Interconnect, Juniper acknowledges this diversity in DCI networks, bringing to market a flexible, multi-layer solution set geared to simplifying overall DCI network design and operations for cloud providers, service providers and enterprises.”

    – Heidi Adams, Senior Research Director, Transport Networks at IHS Markit

    “The Meta-Cloud, or multi-cloud, where enterprises use many different cloud service providers (CSP) is a significant trend and represents a complement to hybrid cloud architectures. Meta-Clouds and hybrid clouds demand a network capable of spanning multiple DC sites with proper management. In a recent IHS Markit report*, respondents indicated they expected to be using on average eight different CSPs by 2018, which will drive the need for solutions making it easy to create, automate and manage hybrid and meta-cloud environments while reducing costs.”

    – Cliff Grossner, Senior Research Director and Advisor, Cloud & Data Center Research Practice at IHS Markit

    “Juniper is firmly focused on the cloud opportunity, and it is looking to play a salient role in supplying cloud providers as well as in serving the cloud-building requirements of its telecom customers and enterprises.”

    – Brad Casmore & Rohit Mehra, IDC

    “Datacenter switching continues to be a point of strength for the company. Juniper’s QFX spine switches have both contributed to top-line growth and helped to bring Juniper into opportunities that it didn’t see previously.”

    – Brad Casmore & Rohit Mehra, IDC

    “The acquisition of AppFormix is perfectly aligned with Juniper’s strategic direction and brings the concept of self-driving infrastructure closer to fruition for Juniper’s customers.”

    – Brad Casmore and Rohit Mehra, IDC

    “Juniper grew to $222 M in 3Q16, reaching an all-time high for switching. Of all vendors with an excess of $100 M per quarter in data center switching revenue, Juniper had the strongest sequential growth.”

    – Dell’Oro Group

    “Juniper has laid out a new vision – digital cohesion – for networking and security that positions it as a thought leader using artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide high performance and secure networks.”

    – Cliff Grossner, IHS Markit

    “Juniper has invested in its innovation pipeline for SDx/Cloud, automation and security, and has developed a suite of professional services to accelerate the adoption and utilization of its technologies.”

    – Brad Casemore, IDC

    “Juniper Services is working to pivot toward a services-led engagement to drive IT, operational as well as business outcomes and has developed methodologies, tools and processes in support of this movement.”

    – Leslie Rosenberg, IDC

    “[NXTWORK] was Juniper’s second analyst conference with Rami Rahim at the helm, and under Rahim’s stewardship, Juniper’s vision and strategy has become increasingly differentiated and focused.”

    – Cliff Grossner, IHS Markit

    “What was interesting is Juniper’s long-term vision for an automated network, which they called a self-driving network. Automation is the glue in self-driving networks, and is in Juniper’s DNA. I applaud setting ambitious network automation goals in an attempt to modernize the networking industry.”

    – Dan Conde, ESG Analyst of Networking from Juniper Networks’ Audacious Goals for Automated Networking

    “The announcement of Policy Enforcer helps complete the security vision Juniper has been moving towards over the last year and it is a great step forward, essentially automating orchestration and pervasive enforcement.”

    – Rob Ayoub, IDC

    “Juniper has a history of expertise in automation and orchestration and its new Policy Enforcer should be valuable as a single point of security management across both firewalls and switches. With threats growing at an unprecedented rate, orchestration and automation are key to closing the threat exposure gap.”

    – Jeff Wilson, Research Director and Advisor, Cybersecurity Technology, IHS Markit, Juniper Networks Extends Software-Defined Secure Networks with Advanced Automated Enforcement and Threat Protection

    “Juniper’s new EX Series access switches provide more choice to support growing campus and branch requirements. Users demand increased bandwidth, while IT desires ease of provisioning and management. The addition of MACsec encryption on the EX3400 meets the security needs of regulated environments (e.g. government and financial services), while general capabilities such as zero-touch provisioning and Virtual Chassis technology deliver ease of deployment. Additionally, these new EX switches provide the building blocks for customers looking to Junos Fusion Enterprise for a scale-out, simplified management architecture.”

    – Dan Conde, Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group

    “The new cSRXs are so tiny that you don’t pay any overhead.”

    – Dan Conde, ESG Analyst of Networking

    “We believe that security is the ‘killer app’ that will accelerate SDN adoption. The complement of SDN and security can solve one of the greatest problems enterprises have dealt with over the last 25 years of enterprise network expansion, an operationally efficient way to implement policy, detection and enforcement across the entire network. With its Software-Defined Secure Networks vision, Juniper is making a move in that direction.”

    – Mike Spanbauer, vice president, security, test & advisory, NSS Labs

    “Juniper has done a good job with their Security Director User Interface, but some other unnamed vendors have a long way to go.”

    – Dan Conde, ESG Analyst of Networking

    “Network Functions Virtualization offers several benefits in terms of capital and operational savings, agility and service creation. But, as is the case with the adoption of any new technology architecture, operators are looking to the vendor community for best practices and guidance for accelerating initial deployments. We believe that service providers will want to consider the combination of Juniper Networks and Affirmed Networks’ proven technology and real-world experience with deploying virtualization in commercial networks. They are providing a valuable blueprint that will help operators to quickly begin experiencing the positive impact that virtualized mobile networks can deliver.”

    – Michael Howard, senior research director at IHS Infonetics

    “Juniper is now the most trusted vendor when it comes to next-generation infrastructure and services.”

    – Heavy Reading Survey, September 2015

    “We believe the current generation of high capacity core and edge routers will be used for some time as the detailed steps of the SDN-NFV transformation are defined by each service provider. Service providers have already been deploying Juniper’s SDN-ready MX Series as physical and virtual routers in live networks as they moves to SDN- and NFV-based networks, as also evidenced by Juniper’s No. 2 position in 3Q15 worldwide market share in service provider routing revenue.”

    – Michael Howard, senior research director at IHS Infonetics

    “IDC believes that Junos disaggregation is being driven, at least partly, by customer demand. A notable Juniper CSP customer has spoken to IDC about the merits of disaggregation in the datacenter and in a recast central office. Juniper has other cloud and CSP customers that are thinking along similar lines. Juniper wants to get out in front of this demand as these customers and others begin considering network-software alternatives.”

    – Rohit Mehra, Vice President, Network Infrastructure, IDC

    “Junos disaggregation is a good move by Juniper to decouple its software and hardware and place more value on Junos rather than its hardware.”

    – Robert Haim, ACG Research

    “The big news was the announcement of the disaggregation of Junos software, which shows Juniper’s emphasis on software and confidence in the capabilities of Junos to stand on its own.”

    – Dan Conde, ESG Analyst of Networking, from Juniper’s Junos: Reworked and Disaggregated

    “Juniper Networks’ full commitment to virtualization of the network was clear at the NXTWORK 2015. Juniper introduced Cloud CPE, a fully automated end-to-end NFV solution to enable its customers to implement a smooth migration strategy for their existing purpose-built networks to a virtualized, more efficient infrastructure.”

    – Robert Haim, Principal Analyst, ACG Research

    “We are positive on Juniper’s Cloud CPE product launch because it promises to be a compelling solution to support the hosting of enterprise services in the cloud while leveraging a cloud platform that keeps costs down, speeds service rollouts and supports deployment flexibility.”

    – Glen Hunt, Principal Analyst, Transport and Routing Infrastructure, Current Analysis

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