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Global Support
Phone: 1-888-314-5822 (toll free, US & Canada)
If outside US or Canada, use a country number listed from one of the regional tabs above.

Email: We do not support opening new cases via email.
Please call one of our Support phone numbers or create a case via Case Manager.
Case Types
Customer CareJuniper Technical Assistance Center (JTAC)

Create a Customer Care case for the following types of non-technical issues:

  • Account Registration
  • Login Assistance
  • Product Registration
  • Entitlement to Downloading software
  • License Key management
  • Warranties & Contracts

Create a Technical Support case for the following types of technical issues:

  • Product Technical Support
  • Equipment Repair
  • Existing Case Escalation
  • Schedule remote install window for Service Now configuration

When opening a case, be prepared to provide the following:

  • Serial number
  • Definition of the problem in detail
  • Priority Level and impact of the problem
  • Indication of the activity that was being performed when the problem occurred
  • Software version
  • Configuration data
Priority Levels & Escalations

For complete details on our priority levels and escalation guidelines, please refer to the JTAC User Guide or your respective J-Care Technical Services End-User Agreement (EUSA). If you need to escalate a case now, call your support number and ask for the Duty Manager; for more information, see KB17701.

Escalation Guidelines

Juniper Networks offers systematic escalation management to customers with current service agreements. This ensures that the appropriate resources within Juniper Networks are utilized to resolve outstanding technical problems as efficiently as possible.

Response Times

Our systematic escalation process is intended to notify and brief various levels of management throughout the life cycle of the technical issue. Escalation timeframes are measured on a 24x7x365 basis.

Owner Priority 1, Critical Priority 2, High Priority 3, Medium Priority 4, Low
Manager, Technical Support 1 hour 12 hours 15 days 30 days
Director, Customer Service 2 hours 24 hours    
Vice President, Customer Service 4 hours 96 hours    
Vice President, Engineering and Sales 4 hours      
Country Phone Number
Austria 0800 293 390
Belgium 0800 72895
Denmark 8088 4839
Egypt (inside Cairo) 2510-0200 20 1-888-242-9217
Egypt (outside Cairo) 02 2510-0200 1-888-242-9217
Finland 0800 116769
France 0800 917 669
Germany 0800 1833 973
Greece 00800 4413 1389
Ireland 1800 300 165
Israel 1809 442759
Italy 800 784 231
Kazakhstan 888 242 9217
Luxembourg 8002 2970
Netherlands 0800 022 3531
+31 207125900
Norway 800 18039
Pakistan 00800 90044016
Accessible only from PTCL landline phones.
Portugal 800 880384
Russia 8-800-700-0314
Saudi Arabia 800 8445 408
South Africa 0800 982075
Spain 900 938 989
Sweden 00 800 2586 4737
0 2079 5246
Switzerland 0800 564 555
Turkey Dial country code: 0811-288-0001
Then dial toll free number: 888 242 9217
UK 00-800-2586-4737
United Arab Emirates 8000 4416860
or 0-800-121 (wait for AT&T msg),
then dial 1-888-242-9217
United Arab Emirates (Military) 0-800-151 (wait for AT&T msg),
then dial 1-888-242-9217
Other Countries +1 408-745-9500
Country Phone Number
Brazil 0 800 891 2125
Chile 123 0020 4372
Colombia 01 800 915 6239
Costa Rica 0 800 012 1512
Mexico 001 877 832 2260
Panama 001 800 507 1952
Peru 0 800 52 805
Venezuela 0800 100 4710
Other Countries +1-408-745-9500
Country Phone Number
Australia 0011-800-2-JUNIPER
(0011-800-2586-4737) - UIFN
1-800-008-792 - ITFS
China 400-120-5341
Hong Kong 001-800-2-JUNIPER
India 000800 440 1544
Indonesia 001 803 442298
Japan - KDDI 001-010-800-2-JUNIPER
Japan - NTT Communications 0033-010-800-2-JUNIPER
Japan - Softbank Telecom 0061-010-800-2-JUNIPER
New Zealand 00-800-2-JUNIPER
(00-800-2586-4737) - UIFN
0-800-44-3774 - ITFS
Pakistan 00800 90044016
Accessible only from PTCL landline phones.
South Korea - Korea Telecom 001-800-2-JUNIPER
South Korea - DaCom 002-800-2-JUNIPER
Malaysia 1800889771
Singapore 001-800-2-JUNIPER
Taiwan 00-800-2-JUNIPER
Thailand 001-800-2-JUNIPER
Vietnam 120-11556
Other Countries +1-408-745-9500
UIFN & ITFS explained


Universal International Freephone Number (An International Toll Free number that is dialed using International Access Codes)


International Toll Free Service (An International Toll Free number that is dialed using Local Access Codes)

1.Make sure that you are dialing the number exactly as listed. Do not add any digits to the number except for digits necessary to access an outside line (if you are dialing from your PBX).

2. All UIFN numbers must be dialed as international calls. The IAC (International Access Code) is the number dialed from each country to place an international call. Even though the number is dialed as a long distance call, the toll charges will be reversed and you will not be billed for the call. (NOTE: Be sure to dial the number exactly as listed, dialing using an IDD number or calling card may result in charges from your carrier. Juniper Networks will not be liable for toll charges resulting from misdialed numbers.)

3. In the US & Canada the IAC is 011, in most Asian countries it is 001, and for most European countries the IAC is 00. Japan, South Korea and a few other countries have more than one IAC. Please check the numbers listed above for the correct IAC for your country.

4. If you are behind an office PBX system, contact your PBX administrator and verify that they are not blocking international dialing to UIFN or ITFS numbers.

5. If you are unable to dial the number as it is listed on this web page, please contact your long distance carrier and verify that they have not blocked international dialing on your telephone line.

6. If you are unable to dial the UIFN number, check to see if an ITFS (local access toll free) number is available for your country. If no ITFS number is available, you will need to dial the US toll number at +1-408-745-9500. (NOTE: this is a toll call, you will be charged long distance fees by your long distance carrier for dialing this number).

If you receive an error message when attempting to dial, please report the error by opening a Customer Care case via Case Manager. Please include the following details:

  • The telephone number you are dialing from.
  • The number you dialed.
  • The approximate date and time that you placed your call.
  • The error message or message number that you heard.
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