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Frequently Asked Questions

Juniper Software Advantage and Network Edge Services

  1. What are Network Edge Services?
  2. Juniper's Network Edge Services portfolio offers an advanced suite of Service Provider edge applications that improve service agility and speed time to market for new services, optimize the network infrastructure, and reduce risks and operational expenses. The first Network Edge Services supporting JSA include:

    • Junos Traffic Vision
    • Junos Address Aware
    • Junos Network Secure
    • Junos VPN Site Secure
    • Junos Secure Address Management (services bundle)
    • Junos Content Encore
    • Junos Network Analytics, including NetReflex and BizReflex

  3. What platforms do these new Network Edge Services run on?
  4. Most new Network Edge Services are deployed on MX Series 3D Universal Edge routers using the new MS-MPC and MS-MIC services cards (exceptions are noted below). These new cards are based on the advanced Junos Trio chipset and increase performance over previous generation MS-DPCs. MS-MPCs occupy a full slot in the MX240, MX480, MX960, and MX2020, and provide 40Gbps of service processing and throughput. When used in the MPC1, MPC2, or MPC3, the MS-MIC can also be deployed in the MX240, MX480, M960, and MX2020 as well as with the mid-range MX Series 3D MX5, MX10, MX40, MX80 and MX104 platforms.

    Junos Content Encore can be flexibly deployed on three types of systems: as a router-integrated blade via the AS-MLC; on Juniper's VXA Series appliances; or on generally available x86 servers.

    Junos Network Analytics, including BizReflex and NetReflex run on pre-qualified x86 appliances.

  5. Why is Juniper migrating Network Edge Services to the Juniper Software Advantage pricing model?
  6. As virtualized network services, the Network Edge Services are a key component of Juniper's SDN vision and strategy. In a software-defined network, virtualizing services provides many benefits including dynamic scalability, hardware portability and increased deployment flexibility. JSA ensures scale, flexibility, and the ability to use the same software license across multiple technologies. This means that Juniper customers will be able to purchase a software license today and be able to run it on any capable platform in the future. Migrating Juniper's Network Edge Services to JSA—which provides transferability and reduced usage restrictions—will help ensure the portfolio of Network Edge Services evolve at the pace of SDN.

  7. How do the new Network Edge Services product capabilities translate to the old product names?
    Junos Address Aware Next Generation Network Addressing (NGNA)
    Junos Traffic Vision J-Flow
    Junos VPN Site Secure IPSec
    Junos Network Secure Stateful Firewall
    Junos Content Encore Media Flow Controller
    NetReflex No old name – new product
    BizReflex No old name – new product
    Junos Space Network Management Platform Junos Space Platform
    Junos Space Security Director Security Design
    Junos Space Services Activation Director:
    • Services Activation Director – Network
    • Services Activation Director – QoS
    • Services Activation Director – Transport
    • Services Activation Director – SLA
    • Services Activation Director – Sync
    Network Activation Suite:
    • Network Activate
    • QOS Design
    • Transport Activate
    • OAM Insight
    • Sync Design
    Junos Space Content Director Media Flow Activate
    Junos Space Network Director (NEW) No old name – new product
    N/A: End of Life. The functionality of this app is now available in Junos Space Network Director Ethernet Design

  9. Why are the Network Edge Services being renamed?
  10. The new Network Edge Services are completely different products than the older ones. They have a different code base, different features, and a different roadmap. It would be very confusing if the new and old products shared a naming structure. With the introduction of the new services cards and network edge services, this is a opportune time to identify and package up all the software products, develop a common & consistent name for all them, and then develop a new pricing/licensing model.

  11. What are the advantages of Juniper's Network Edge Services solution?
  12. The combination of the new services cards and integrated security and services solutions enables customers to create networks that are more agile and can quickly respond to market trends and customers' requests with new services. This agility will give them competitive advantage. This makes it feasible to rapidly exploit market niches that could not be profitably addressed with traditional solutions.

  13. Is there an electronic or paper transfer of the license when purchased?
  14. Yes, a paper license is sent to the customer. However, the licences are honor-based. Using a licensed software feature without a licence is in breach of purchasing and support contracts. We believe that enforcement via software license keys can disrupt our customer's business. This trust-based model simplifies software usage and adoption to meet our customers' growth requirements.

Juniper Software Advantage and Security

  1. Why is Juniper migrating some Security products to the JSA model?
  2. Security capabilities have often been delivered as an appliance or with hardware dependencies, and licensed using hardware-oriented pricing. This model had limited flexibility due to constraints related to hardware, upgrading, and scalability. Juniper Software Advantage delivers a highly flexible, simple, and scalable software licensing model for security products and services that are used by enterprises and service providers, customizable for their environment. Customers can select the functionality they need, transfer product functionality across devices, deployments, and delivery models, and scale licensing requirements, often without replacing software or re-investing in hardware. This new software-based licensing schema offers customers stronger investment protection while enabling scalability required for performance requirements or user access count requirements. For information on migration policies, please contact:

  3. Which Security products/services support the Juniper Software Advantage (JSA) model?
    • Junos Space Security Director – a scalable and responsive corporate network security management application.

    • WebApp Secure – secures websites and web applications against hackers, fraud and theft using Web Intrusion Deception technology.

    • Spotlight Secure – a cloud-based hacker device intelligence service that identifies individual attacker devices and tracks them in a global database. It creates a persistent fingerprint of attacker devices for precise identification and blocking of attackers.

    • DDoS Secure – defends against a broad range of DDoS attacks including volumetric flood attacks as well as “low and slow” application attacks.

    • Firefly Host - security solution for virtualized data centers and clouds monitors and protects them while maintaining maximum capacity and performance. Its hypervisor-based stateful firewall integrates intrusion detection (IDS), virtualization-specific antivirus (AV) protection, and compliance tools, with management scale.

    • Firefly Perimeter - SRX Junos OS code based virtual firewall that protects the perimeter of the network and offers secure connectivity.

  4. Why are the Security products being renamed?
  5. The products are being renamed to enable simplified and consistent naming model across the portfolio and to better represent the functional capabilities of the software.

  6. How do the Security under JSA model functional capabilities translate to the old product names?
    Junos Space Security Director Junos Space Security Design
    WebApp Secure Junos WebApp Secure
    Spotlight Secure Junos Spotlight Secure
    DDoS Secure Junos DDoS Secure
    Firefly Host vGW Virtual Gateway (or vGW Series)
    Firefly Perimeter JunosV Firefly

  8. Is there an electronic or paper transfer of the license when purchased?
  9. Yes, a license is sent to the customer. However, the licenses are honor-based. Using a licensed software feature without a license is in breach of purchasing and support contracts. We believe that enforcement via software license keys can disrupt our customer’s business. This trust-based model simplifies software usage and adoption to meet our customers’ growth requirements.

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