Product Bulletin
NetScreen-5XP End of Service
Announcement - December 9, 2003

December 9th 2003

End of Service for NetScreen-5XP.

End of Service
The NetScreen-5XP appliance will reach End of Service on 31-January 2007, in accordance with standard Juniper End of Life Policies and Procedures.

Summary of Key Milestones

Last Time Buys
NetScreen has ceased to manufacture NetScreen-5XP. Although partners have until January 31st to place any last orders, there is only a limited quantity of NetScreen-5XPs and therefore all orders may not be able to be fulfilled.

Part Numbers Affected

These part numbers will be removed from the price list in Feb 2004 and cannot be ordered after that date.

Part Number Description
NS-5XP-001 NetScreen-5XP with US Power Cord
NS-5XP-003 NetScreen-5XP with UK Power Cord
NS-5XP-005 NetScreen-5XP with European Power Cord
NS-5XP-007-nn NetScreen-5XP with Japan Power Cord
NS-5XP-009 NetScreen-5XP with no Power Cord
NS-5XP-101 NetScreen-5XP Elite with US Power Cord
NS-5XP-103 NetScreen-5XP Elite with UK Power Cord
NS-5XP-105 NetScreen-5XP Elite with European Power Cord
NS-5XP-107-nn NetScreen-5XP Elite with Japan Power Cord
NetScreen-5XP Elite with no Power Cord
NS-5XP-RMK NetScreen-5XP Rack Mount Kit

These part numbers can be ordered up until January 31, 2007 but only for those versions of ScreenOS that are supported on the NetScreen-5XP.

Part Number Description
NS-5XP-S30 ScreenOS 3.0 Software for NetScreen-5XP
NS-5XP-S40 ScreenOS 4.0 Software for NetScreen-5XP
ScreenOS 5.0 Software for NetScreen-5XP

Upgrade Options
Customers seeking a NetScreen security solution with similar performance and capacities are encouraged to evaluate the next appliance in the product line, the NetScreen-5GT or NetScreen-5GT Plus appliance.

Customers may upgrade to a more recent version of ScreenOS for the NetScreen-5XP, including the latest version of NetScreen ScreenOS, version 5.0. ScreenOS 5.0 will be the last version of ScreenOS available for the NetScreen-5XP.

For More Information
For product support information, please contact your NetScreen representative for more details.