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HoneyNet Statistics

Juniper Networks maintains honeypots around the world to collect real time statistics about vulnerabilities and threats. Honeypots are sample networks connected to the Internet in a production environment and contain a representative sample of platforms, operating systems and applications.

The data represents the most common attacks that are seen on these representative networks and is an average per honeypot collected over a rolling one week window. The attacks seen in these networks may differ from the top and latest threats listed on the previous page. The data represents the most widespread attacks but may neither pose the greatest risk to customers nor be one of the latest threats.

Most Exploited Vulnerabilities

Top 5 most frequently exploited vulnerabilities with a rating of "severe."
Most exploited vulnerabilities

The Five Most Attacked Ports

X-Axis: Port number
Y-Axis: Number of attacks with a rating of "severe" per honeypot in the last one week


Severe Attack History

Number of severe security events per honeypot detected in a 24 hour window each day