Juniper Technology Migration Incentive Program FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Juniper TMIP?

The Juniper Technology Migration Incentive Program (TMIP) offers you additional investment protection by allowing you to swap previously purchased equipment for discount credits on new equipment.

Who is eligible for the TMIP?

Juniper customers and partners who have bought and deployed Juniper MX Series 5G Universal Routing Platforms with the SKUs identified.

What is the TMIP validation period?

The validation period is scheduled to end in the third calendar quarter of 2021.

How do customers and partners participate in TMIP?

Order your new trade-up product and return your trade-in equipment. See the instructions here.

What products are eligible?

Eligible products are listed in the TMIP overview.

Is this a global program?

The program operates in all countries that Juniper does business in.

Can this program incentive be combined with any other promotion program?

Are there any requirements on the condition of the returned equipment?

Returned equipment must be in working condition from a production or lab network. No damaged equipment is eligible. The equipment must be purchased originally through a Juniper authorized channel or directly from Juniper. No gray market equipment is allowed.

How will my support contract on the trade-in or destroyed equipment be handled?

If there is any remaining value left on the existing Juniper support contract for the traded or destroyed equipment, discount credits can be applied to the new Juniper equipment purchased. Serial number(s) and the support contract expected end date must be provided for the trade-in or destroyed equipment to obtain the discount and update the existing support contract status. Contact your Juniper account manager or services business manager for details.

How do I update my contract status on trade-in equipment that no longer requires support?

Contact Juniper Customer Care and provide the trade-in equipment serial number(s) and contract termination date. The Juniper contract team will mark the requested contract “not for renewal.”

What if I don’t return the equipment (physically) or a signed Certificate of Destruction?

We highly recommend that you return the equipment or an officially signed CoD expeditiously. You have three months from shipment of your new Juniper equipment to either return the trade-in equipment or a signed CoD. Failure to comply within this time period will result in repeated notifications that you are in breach of contract, and Juniper will be owed the TMIP credits. If you need additional time, please send an email request to

Who is an authorized signer of the Certificate of Destruction?

Authorized signers must hold the official title of vice president or above and must have legal signoff authority for the customer, government agency, or partner/reseller.

Can I ship back more than one item toward the purchase of new Juniper equipment?

No, you will not receive additional credit beyond a “1 return for 1 product” order, as specified in the TMIP overview (see Quick Links).

I am a Juniper partner. Do I have to pass on the discount to the customer?

This program is intended to provide end customers with additional investment protection for their eligible Juniper equipment. Juniper isn’t keeping program discount information from customers so they will likely be expecting the TMIP discount credits.

How is the TMIP discount credit calculated?

Refer to the TMIP overview (see Quick Links) for the method by which the credit is calculated and examples.

When is the discount credit applied?

At the time new equipment is ordered. The discount is listed in the quote.

Are Flex SKUs supported on MPC7E?

Full bandwidth Flex SKUs are supported as part of TMIP.

Who can I contact for additional questions and clarifications not covered in this FAQ?

Please send your questions to or reach out to your Juniper account team.