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    验证 T1600 路由器上的接口状态


    启动 T1600 路由器之后,确认路由矩阵中的状态接口。


    1. 验证 T1600 中的所有端口是否都在运行,方法是输入 show interfaces terse 命令:
      user@host> show interfaces terse
      Interface               Admin Link Proto    Local                 Remote
      xe-0/0/0                up    up  
      xe-0/0/1                up    up  
      xe-0/0/2                up    up  
      xe-0/0/3                up    up  
      xe-6/0/0                up    up  
      xe-6/0/1                up    up  
      xe-6/0/2                up    up  
      xe-6/0/3                up    up  
      xe-6/1/0                up    up  
      xe-6/1/1                up    up  
      xe-6/1/2                up    up  
      xe-6/1/3                up    up  
      ge-7/0/0                up    up  
      ge-7/0/0.0              up    up   inet     
      ge-7/0/0.1              up    up   inet     
      ge-7/0/0.2              up    up   inet     
      ge-7/0/0.3              up    up   inet    
      ge-7/0/0.4              up    up   inet    
      ge-7/0/0.5              up    up   inet    
      em0                     up    up  
      em0.0                   up    up   inet
      gre                     up    up  
      ipip                    up    up  
      ixgbe0                  up    up  
      ixgbe0.0                up    up   inet     
                                         inet6    fe80::200:ff:fe22:4/64
                                         tnp      0x22000004      
      ixgbe1                  up    up  
      ixgbe1.0                up    up   inet     
                                         inet6    fe80::200:1ff:fe22:4/64
                                         tnp      0x22000004      
    2. 如果任何接口都不是 up,请参阅T1600 Core Router Hardware Guide PDF Document

    Published: 2014-05-09