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Example: Configuring NAT for vSRX

This example shows how to configure vSRX to NAT all hosts behind the vSRX instance in the Nutanix virtual private cloud (VPC) to the IP address of the vSRX egress interface on the untrust zone. This configuration allows hosts behind vSRX in a cloud network to access the Internet.

Before You Begin

Ensure that you have installed and launched a vSRX instance in a Nutanix VPC.


A common cloud configuration includes hosts that you want to grant access to the Internet, but you do not want anyone from outside your cloud to get access to your hosts. You can use vSRX in a Nutanix VPC to NAT traffic inside the Nutanix VPC from the public Internet.

Configuring NAT


Step-by-Step Procedure

To configure NAT on the vSRX instance:

  1. Log in to the vSRX console in configuration edit mode.

  2. Set the IP addresses for vSRX revenue interfaces.

  3. Set up the untrust security zone.

  4. Set up the trust security zone.

  5. Set up the security policies.

  6. Configure NAT.