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Backup and Recovery

This topic provides details on how you can backup and recover your configuration files in case of instance or service failure, both externally within AWS and locally on your vSRX instance console

To save the vSRX configuration file locally, perform the following steps:

  1. Log into the vSRX instance and go to the configuration mode.

  2. Execute the command save /var/tmp/<file-name>

    The current vSRX configurations are saved in the above mentioned path.

  3. Using your Secure Copy Protocol (SCP) client, download the saved configuration files to your local system.

  4. Using the instructions at, create a S3 bucket on AWS and upload the saved configuration file. You can retrieve the saved configuration file as well.

For backup and recovery of configuration files within AWS:


You must have an FTP server that is accessible from the vSRX instance.

  1. Run the below configuration.

  2. You can then run and commit the following configuration command on the vSRX instance.