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Managing Security Policies for Virtual Machines Using Junos Space Security Director

SUMMARY This topic provides you an overview of how you can manage security policies for VMs using security director.

Security Director is a Junos Space management application designed to enable quick, consistent, and accurate creation, maintenance, and application of network security policies for your security devices, including vSRX Virtual Firewall instances. With Security Director, you can configure security-related policy management including IPsec VPNs, firewall policies, NAT policies, IPS policies, and Content Security policies. and push the configurations to your security devices. These configurations use objects such as addresses, services, NAT pools, application signatures, policy profiles, VPN profiles, template definitions, and templates. These objects can be shared across multiple security configurations; shared objects can be created and used across many security policies and devices. You can create these objects prior to creating security configurations.

When you finish creating and verifying your security configurations from Security Director, you can publish these configurations and keep them ready to be pushed to all security devices, including vSRX Virtual Firewall instances, from a single interface.

The Configure tab is the workspace where all of the security configuration happens. You can configure firewall, IPS, NAT, and Content Security policies; assign policies to devices; create and apply policy schedules; create and manage VPNs; and create and manage all the shared objects needed for managing your network security.