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Overview of vMX and OpenStack

vMX can be launched on OpenStack with virtio or SR-IOV interfaces. You must perform basic OpenStack installation on the controller and compute nodes. At a minimum, you must install a controller node and a compute node before installing vMX. Make sure you have network connectivity between the controller and compute nodes so that the neutron networks work correctly for virtio and SR-IOV. The compute node typically has two NIC cards for VM traffic; a 1 GB NIC card for virtio network traffic and a 10 GB NIC card for SR-IOV network traffic. If you have more than one SR-IOV interface, you need one physical 10 GB Ethernet card for each additional SR-IOV interface.

vMX Limitations on OpenStack

vMX does not support these features on OpenStack when using virtio interfaces and OVS:

  • STP