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Configure vJunos-switch on KVM

SUMMARY Read this topic to understand how to configure the vJunos-switch in the KVM environment.

Connect to vJunos-switch

Telnet to the serial console number specified in the XML file to connect to vJunos-switch. See details provided in Deploy and Manage vJunos-switch on KVM.

For example:

You can also SSH to the vJunos-switch VCP.

Configure Active Ports

This section describes how to configure the number of active ports.

You can specify the number of active ports for the vJunos-switch to match the number of NICs added to the VFP VM. The default number of ports is 10, but you can specify any value in the range of 1 through 96.

Run the user@host# set chassis fpc 0 pic 0 number-of-ports 96 command to specify the number of active ports. Configure the number of ports at the [edit chassis fpc 0 pic 0] hierarchy level.

Interface Naming

The vJunos-switch supports only Gigabit Ethernet (ge) interfaces.

You cannot change the interface names to 10-Gigabit Ethernet (xe) or 100-Gigabit Ethernet (et). If you attempt to change the interface names, then these interfaces will still show as “ge” when you run the show configuration or show interfaces terse commands.

Here is an example output of the “show configuration” CLI command when users attempt to change the interface name to “et”:

Configure the Media MTU

You can configure the media maximum transmission unit (MTU) in the range 256 through 9192. MTU values outside the above mentioned range are rejected.

You must configure the MTU by including the MTU statement at the [edit interface interface-name] hierarchy level.

Configure the MTU.


The maximum supported MTU value is 9192 bytes.

For example: