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Configure vJunosEvolved on KVM

SUMMARY Read this topic to understand the connections and configurations of the vJunosEvolved instances deployment on KVM

Connect to vJunosEvolved

Telnet to the serial console number specified in the XML file to connect to vJunosEvolved. See details provided in the example below:

Configure vJunosEvolved Channelization Interfaces

The vJunosEvolved configurations are the same as the hardware configurations in Junos Evolved CLI.

If channelization of WAN interfaces is required, then boot argument “channelized=yes” must be specified in the XML configuration and the interfaces speed should be configured at Junos Evolved CLI. Sample configuration shown below:

Run the set interfaces et-0/0/0 speed 25g number-of-sub-ports 8 command.

You can specify the number of sub ports under a WAN interface to channelize. The default number of non-channelized ports is 12 (et-0/0/0 to et-0/0/11), but you can channelize each interface with 8 sub-ports at 25G speed. You must have this Junos Evolved CLI configuration when channelized option is set to "yes" in the XML. Otherwise, traffic won’t pass through.


Currently vJunosEvolved supports a maximum of 25 channelized interfaces.

When you configure channelization on vJunosEvolved, if the number of ethernet interfaces exceed 25 (i.e post et-0/0/3:1) in the kernel, the RE VM stops during boot-up.

For more information on the supported ports and ports speed see #vJunosEvolved-configure-on-kvm__vJunosEvolved-ports-speed

Table 1: Supported Ports and Ports Speed on vJunosEvolved

Physical Port



et-0/0/0:0 to et-0/0/0:7 8 8x25G
et-0/0/1:0 to et-0/0/1:7 8 8x25G
et-0/0/2:0 to et-0/0/2:7 8 8x25G
et-0/0/3:0 to et-0/0/3:7 8 8x25G
et-0/0/4:0 to et-0/0/4:3 4 4x25G
et-0/0/5 0 shutdown
et-0/0/6:0 to et-0/0/6:3 4 4x25G
et-0/0/7 0 shutdown
et-0/0/8:0 to et-0/0/8:7 8 8x25G
et-0/0/9:0 to et-0/0/9:7 8 8x25G
et-0/0/10:0 to et-0/0/10:7 8 8x25G
et-0/0/11:0 to et-0/0/11:7 8 8x25G

Configure the Media MTU

You can configure the media maximum transmission unit (MTU) in the range 288 through 16000. MTU values outside the above mentioned range are rejected.

You must configure the MTU by including the MTU statement at the [edit interface interface-name] hierarchy level.

Configure the MTU.


The maximum supported MTU value is 16000 bytes.

For example: