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Recover Realm Name

If you forget your realm name to login to the Juniper ATP Cloud portal, you can recover the realm name using the following methods:

  • See the confirmation e-mail that is sent to you when you create a new realm. The e-mail now contains the realm name. Here's a sample:

  • Click Forgot Realm link from the Juniper ATP Cloud login page.

The following section provides details to recover the realm name using the Juniper ATP Cloud web portal.


To recover the realm name you must enter a valid e-mail address.

To recover the realm name from the ATP Cloud web portal:

  1. Open a Web browser, type in the URL for the ATP Cloud web portal, and press Enter.

    The login page appears as shown in Figure 1.

    Figure 1: Juniper ATP Cloud Web UI Login PageJuniper ATP Cloud Web UI Login Page
  2. Click the Forgot Realm link.

    A pop-up appears asking you to confirm navigation to customer support center to provide Juniper SSO credentials.

  3. Click Continue.

    The customer support center login page appears.

  4. Enter the e-mail address that you provided while creating the realm and click Next.

    A pop-up message is displayed with the status of realm recovery.

    • If the e-mail address has realms associated with it, an e-mail is sent to your registered e-mail address with the list of associated realms. Here's a sample:

      Here's a sample e-mail for realm recovery:

    • If no realms are associated with the e-mail address, then you will see the following message:

  5. Click OK to login to the ATP Cloud portal with the realm name.