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Juniper Advanced Threat Prevention Cloud Web UI Overview

The Juniper ATP Cloud Web UI is a web-based service portal that lets you monitor malware download through your SRX Series devices. The Web UI is hosted by Juniper Networks in the cloud. There is no separate download for you to install on your local system.


If you are a licensed Junos Space Security Director, you can use Security Director 16.1 and later screens to set up and use Juniper ATP Cloud. For more information using Security Director with Juniper ATP Cloud, see the Policy Enforcer administration guide and the Security Director online help. The remainder of this guide refers to using Juniper ATP Cloud with the Web UI.

You can perform the following tasks with the Web UI:

  • Monitoring—Display information about scanned files whether clean or malware, infected hosts including their current and past threats, and blocked access to known C&C sites.

  • Configuring—Create and view allowlists and blocklists that list safe or harmful network nodes, and profiles that define what file types to submit to Juniper ATP Cloud for investigation.

  • Reporting—Use the dashboard to view and drill into various reports, such as most infected file types, top malwares identified, and infected hosts.

The Web UI has infotips that provide information about a specific screen, field or object. To view the infotip, hover over the question mark (?) without clicking it. See.

Accessing the Web UI

To access the Juniper ATP Cloud Web UI:

  1. Open a Web browser that has Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) or HTTP over Secure Sockets Layer (HTTPS) enabled.

    For information on supported browsers and their version numbers, see the Juniper Advanced Threat Prevention Cloud Supported Platforms Guide.

  2. Type in the URL for the customer portal and press Enter.

    The customer portal hostname varies by location. Please refer to the following table:


    Customer Portal URL

    United States

    Customer Portal:

    European Union

    Customer Portal:


    Customer Portal:


    Customer Portal:

    The Web UI login page appears. See Figure 1.

    Figure 1: Juniper ATP Cloud Web UI Login PageJuniper ATP Cloud Web UI Login Page
  3. On the login page, type your username (your account e-mail address), password, and realm name and click Log In.

    The Web UI Dashboard page appears.


    Users can login to Juniper ATP Cloud using different realms. You can manage realms using the Configure > Global Configuration > Realm Management page. See Realm Overview. You must be a system administrator to see the Realm Management page. See Creating and Editing User Profiles for information on role-based access control.

To terminate your session at any time, click the icon in the upper-right corner and click Logout.