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New and Changed Features

This section lists the new features or changes in behavior of Juniper ATP Cloud features in Release 21.4R1.

Support for SecIntel feeds on MX Series routers

MX Series routers can now download global SecIntel feeds directly from Cloud Feeds without enrolling to Juniper ATP Cloud.

Enhancement to SMTP email notifications

When an email attachment is determined to be malicious, you can configure Juniper ATP Cloud to permit the email and also notify user about the permitted message containing an unknown malware.

See [Email Management: Configure SMTP.]

Enhancements to Customer Portal

We have updated the following pages in Juniper ATP Cloud Portal for better user experience:

  • Single Sign-On Configuration—We have categorized the Single Sign-On (SSO) settings as Service Provider settings and Identity Provider settings. To configure SSO settings, navigate to Administration > Single Sign-On Settings.
  • Allowlists—We have categorized the allowlist types as Antimalware and SecIntel. To configure allowlist, navigate to Configure > Allowlists.
  • Blocklists—We have categorized the blocklist types as Antimalware and SecIntel. To configure blocklist, navigate to Configure > Blocklists.
  • SecIntel Feeds—We have categorized the SecIntel feeds as Juniper Threat Feeds, Third Party Threat Feeds, and Dynamic Address Group (DAG) Feeds. To enable the feeds, navigate to Configure > SecIntel Feeds.

See [Configure SSO Settings, Allowlist and Blocklist Overview, Creating Allowlists and Blocklists, and SecIntel Feeds Overview.]