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128T 4.0 Release Notes

Release 4.0.1

Issues Fixed

  • I95-24556 Analytics log file now follows the same rotation scheme as the other log files on the system.

  • I95-24873 HTTP CONNECT method dropped when adaptive-encryption is enabled.

  • I95-25203 ZScaler plugin could cause a system fault when configured for HA.

  • I95-25205 PPPoE configured interfaces may cause the system to take longer than 5 minutes to start.

  • I95-25235 Race condition between monitoring scripts managing T1 interfaces could cause the link to be in the down state.

  • I95-25241 When logs are at DEBUG level, extensive interface flapping can cause a system fault.

  • I95-25242 Race condition with applying kernel routes could produce a FIB with the incorrect route

  • I95-25283 Receiving a packet without metadata for an established session can cause a system fault, which can happen during upgrades or path flaps.

  • I95-25292 For 128T network-interfaces with link mtu smaller than configured value, Path MTU discovery results in "Path MTU: unavailable"

  • I95-25327 shared-phys-address incorrectly checks against entire authority instead of the router.

  • I95-25333 Race condition in security key distribution can cause encryption failures.

  • I95-25346 Top sessions table does not update time correctly when graph is clicked.

  • I95-25352 Peering connection statistics displaying no data on topology page.

  • I95-25353 HA nodes of a Router that do not have their time synchronized will be unable to synchronize time series data.

  • I95-25356 Device and network Interface graphs are rendering as having no data when data is traversing links.

  • I95-25425 DHCP relay service defined as /32 causes traffic to be black-holed.

  • I95-25454 Forwarding interfaces are not able to come up when deployed in AWS.

  • I95-25527 Kernel route with next hops cannot resolve BGP route when there is also a kernel blackhole route.

  • I95-25535 Malformed packets can lead to a system fault due to misclassification.

  • I95-25575 128T peers are unable to establish a connection when deployed in AWS.

  • I95-25579 DHCP HA interface unable to renew lease on newly active link when link down occurs.

  • I95-25739 Reverse path traffic could be dropped for BGP over SVR traffic when going over an internode link.

  • I95-25748 Asymmetric routing may occur if static/kernel routes are configured as the appropriate cost is not being applied to those routes.

  • I95-25813 When utilizing the Conductor as a proxy for upgrades, a Router upgrade to 4.0.0 could fail if no connection to the Internet is available.