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December 22, 2022 Release

Secure Edge New Features: December 22, 2022


Download Secure Edge report—You can download the Secure Edge report for the required month and year from the Secure Edge Reports page. You can also update the report recipients using the Update Report Recipients option.

[See About the Secure Edge Reports Page.]

Secure Edge

Enhancements on the Sites page—We have made the following enhancements on the Sites page:

  • You can see the lists of deployed sites and undeployed sites in two different tabs.

  • You can import multiple sites by uploading a Microsoft Excel file to the Create Bulk Sites page. You can download the sample file template, enter the site details, and upload the filled-in template to create bulk sites.

    [See About the Sites Page.]

Service Administration

Enhancement in the PAC Files interface—You can now use the new PAC file builder to customize cloned proxy auto-configuration files. You can add domains and IP addresses and designate servers as on-premises. Juniper Secure Edge excludes these network components from the proxy auto-configuration file processing, and the traffic that reaches these network components bypasses Juniper Secure Edge. The wizard contains two tabs—Basic and Advanced. You can use the Advanced tab to directly configure the XML code. You can now also generate new recommended proxy auto-configuration files and delete existing recommended proxy auto-configuration files.

[See About the PAC Page.]

Secure Edge Bug Fixes: December 22, 2022

There are no bug fixes in this release for Secure Edge.