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System Requirements

To work with Juniper Secure Connect, you need the following:

  • SRX Series Firewall or vSRX Virtual Firewall instance running Junos OS Release 20.3R1 or later.


    You must ensure that the SRX Series Firewall uses either a signed certificate or a self-signed certificate instead of the default system-generated certificate. Before you start configuring Juniper Secure Connect, it is important that you read the instructions in Prerequisites for Deploying Juniper Secure Connect.

  • Juniper Secure Connect application software installed and running on supported operating systems. For details on installation, see Juniper Secure Connect User Guide.

  • We recommend using J-Web and Security Director to configure Juniper Secure Connect on SRX Series Firewall. To add a new license key, delete one or more license keys, update license keys, or download license keys for J-Web, see Manage Your Licenses.

    To enable J-Web access on your security device, use the following commands:

License Requirements

You need an active SRX-based license to use Juniper Secure Connect. By default, each SRX Series Firewall includes two built-in concurrent user licenses. You must purchase and install a license for additional concurrent users. Contact your Juniper Networks representative for remote-access licensing. To understand more about Juniper Secure Connect licenses, see Licenses for Juniper Secure Connect and Managing Licenses.