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What's New

Learn about new features introduced in the Juniper Secure Connect application in this release.

Platform and Infrastructure

  • Support for Microsoft Windows 11 Operating System.

  • Includes security updates ( version).

  • Support for saving the credentials—You can optionally choose to save the credentials on the Juniper Secure Connect application. You can save user ID or a combination of user ID and password. This feature is functional once your administrator enables credentials saving option on the SRX Series firewall. Perform the following steps to save the credentials:

    • Open Juniper Secure Connect application.

    • From the Menu, navigate to Connection > Connect.

    • In the dialog box, provide User ID and Password.

    • Select the check box to save credentials.

    See, Juniper Secure Connect Application Overview.

  • Prelogon compliance support—Your Juniper Secure Connect application can establish a VPN connection based on the remote-access endpoint admission criteria set by the administrator on the SRX Series firewall. These criteria are a set of compliance validations that are performed prior to user authentication. This feature adds extra security to your remote-access VPN connection.

  • Support for application bypass—Juniper Secure Connect can send specific application traffic directly to the destination instead of passing it through the VPN tunnel. This feature is functional once your administrator enables it on the SRX Series firewall. This features reduces latency and improves user experience.


  • Support for Let's Encrypt CA Certificates (Windows version)—We include Let's Encrypt CA Certificates for simplified deployment of Juniper Secure Connect application. When you establish a remote-access VPN connection using Juniper Secure Connect Connection Profiles, the application validates the incoming gateway certificate. To view the certificate:

    • In Windows, navigate to Juniper Secure Connect Menu Connection > Certificates > Display CA Certificates.