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Enable Automatic Update of Security Package

You can configure your devices to automatically install and update the security package at specified intervals. For example, you can configure your devices to install the IPS signature on 14th of July at 2:00 a.m and thereafter periodic check and update of the latest IPS signature to happens after every two days.

You can enable the automatic update of security package for the devices with management status as Up or configuration status as In Sync.

To enable automatic update of the latest security package on the device:

  1. Select SRX > Device Management > Security Packages.
    The Security Packages page appears.
  2. Click Auto-update.
    The Enable Auto-Update page appears.
  3. Complete the configuration settings according to the guidelines provided in Table 1.
    Table 1: Fields for the auto-update
    Field Description


    Enable automatic update of the latest security package on the devices. By default, auto-update is disabled.


    The security package is installed and updated on the devices from the Juniper Networks security website.


    Interval in hours for automatic update after the first installation. For example, if you set the interval to 48 hours, the automatic update for the security package happens after every two days from the first installation date. By default, the interval is 1 hour.

    Start date & time

    Start date and time for the first automatic update of the security package.


    Select the devices from the available column and click > to add the devices to list of selected devices for enabling automatic update of the security package.

  4. Click OK.
    A job is created. Click the job ID to go to the Jobs page and view the status of the operation.