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Security Logs Configuration

After the device is discovered by the Juniper Security Director Cloud, the device is automatically configured to stream the security logs to Juniper Security Director Cloud.


By default, Juniper Security Director Cloud configures the security logs for the devices. The security logs are not configured for the following conditions:

  • Device is using a management interface fxp0 as the source interface. Only the revenue ports are allowed for source interface configuration of security logging.

  • During device discovery, if the CA certificate or the local certificate deploy fails, then it will result in non-configuration of security logs.

To configure the security logs:

  1. Select SRX > Device Management > Devices.

    The Devices page opens.

  2. Click Security Logs Configuration.
    The Security Logs Configuration page opens displaying all the devices.
  3. Select the device or device cluster to configure security logging, and click on the top-right of the page.
  4. Enable Security Log Status for the device or device cluster.
  5. Select the source interface from the drop down list, and click .
    A message appears asking you to confirm security logging configuration for the rest of the devices.
  6. Click one of the following options:
    • Yes to go ahead with the process.

    • No to stop the process and configure security logging for other devices or device clusters of your choice.

If you click Yes, the job is created to push the syslog configuration to the device or device cluster.

When the job completes, security logging is configured for the device or device cluster.