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Managing Reports

You can perform various actions using reports, such as run a report immediately, edit a schedule, edit e-mail recipients, preview a report in the PDF format, send reports, clone reports, and view report definition details.

  1. Select Monitor > Reports > Report Definitions.
  2. Select the report definition, and click one of the following options:
    Table 1: More Menu Settings
    Setting Guidelines

    Run Now

    Select this option to run the report immediately and view the report in the PDF format.

    1. Configure according to the guidelines provided in the Table 2.
    2. Click OK. The report is generated and a link is displayed to download the report in the PDF format.

    You can also view the archived reports by clicking the Generated Reports link on the left navigation pane.


    Select this option to view the report name, description, report content type, report definition type, and its contents in the Report Definition Details page.

    You can also click the icon next to Name in the Report Definitions page to view the Report Definitions Details page.

    Preview as PDF

    Select this option to preview the generated report in the PDF format.

    You can also generate the report as needed.

    Send Report

    Select this option to send the report through e-mail to the recipient.

    1. Configure according to the guidelines provided in the Table 2.
    2. Click OK.

      The Edit Recipients page is displayed.

    3. Modify or add the recipients, subject line, or any comments for the e-mail notifications.
    4. Click OK to send the report to the recipients.

      A success message is displayed.

    The user receives a notification once the report is sent. The user can also use the job ID to see more details of the job. You can generate the report as needed.

    Edit Recipients

    Select this option to edit or add the recipients, e-mail address, subject, and comments.

    1. Modify or add recipients, subject, and comments in the e-mail.
    2. Click OK.

    Edit Schedule

    Select this option to edit the schedule such as the start date, end date, and time.

    Click one of the following:

    • Run Now—To schedule the job immediately.

    • Schedule at a later time—Select a date and time to schedule the job at a later period of time.


    Select this option to clone an existing report definition.

    1. Edit the details of the report.
    2. Click OK.
    Table 2: Run Now Settings




    Choose an option from the following types:

    • Run Now—To generate the report immediately, for the default time duration.

    • Custom Time Range Selection—To generate the report immediately for a selected time range.

      If you select the type as Custom Time Range Selection, then Show Top and Time Span (Last) fields are displayed.

    • Username—Select the user to run the user-specific URLs Visited Per User Report. This field is displayed only when you select to run the URLs Visited Per User Report.

    Show Top

    Select the number of top records to be displayed in the generated report.

    The valid range is 1 to 20.

    Time Span (Last)

    Select a period in minutes, hours, days, or months, or select Custom to choose the time range to generate reports.


    Select all devices or specific device. By default, data is displayed for all the devices in the network.

    Choose the Selective option to select specific devices.

    Select devices from the Available column and click the right arrow to move these devices to the Selected column.