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Roll Back a Policy Version

You can revert a policy version to a specific previous version.

To roll back the selected version so it becomes the current version:
  1. Select SRX>Security Policies>Security Policies.
    The Security Policies page appears.
  2. Select the check box next to the policy for which you are rolling back a version, and then right-click the policy or click More.
    A list of actions appears.
  3. Select Manage Policy Versions.
  4. Select the version that you want to make as the current version, and click Rollback.
    The rollback operation replaces all the rules and rule groups of the current version with rules and rule groups from the selected version. The Resolve Conflicts section displays any conflicts between the versioned data and the current objects in the system. Select an object from the Resolve Conflicts and click one of the below options to resolve the object conflict.
    • Rename—Rename the imported object. By default, the suffix "_1" is added to the object name, or you can specify a new name.
    • Overwrite—The object in Juniper Security Director Cloud is replaced with the object imported from the snapshot version.

      Overwriting an object may impact other device configurations.

    • Retain—The object name in Juniper Security Director Cloud is used instead of what is on the policy snapshot version.
  5. Click OK to replace the current policy with the versioned data. A summary of the snapshot policy is shown by clicking Snapshot.