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Compare Policy Versions

You can compare two different versions of a policy to make decisions such as, roll back to a previous version of a policy or make certain configuration changes and deploy the security policy again. You can compare the policy versions and view the following changes that are made in the latest policy version.

  • Added, deleted, or revised rules.

  • Changes made for rule positions. For example, a rule is moved inside a group or a rule that is taken out of a group.

  • Rules that are unchanged in the the latest policy version.

  • Object-level changes such as changes in source, destination, application or services, action, security subscriptions, and options.

To compare two different versions of a policy:
  1. Select SRX > Security Policy > SRX Policy.
    The Security Policies page appears.
  2. Select the check box for the security policy and click More > Manage Policy Versions.
    The policy version page appears.
  3. Select the versions to compare and click Compare.

    You can compare only two versions of a policy at a time.

    The compare versions page appears by showing the color-coded legends and count for the added, deleted, revised, and moved rules. View the differences according to the guidelines provided in Table 1.

    For the field descriptions, see Table 1.
    Table 1: Guidelines for Compare Policy Versions
    Items to view Description

    Added rules

    These rules are displayed with green background.

    Deleted rules

    These rules are displayed with red background.

    Revised rules

    These rules are displayed with orange background.

    Object-level changes in revised rules

    Click Rule Diff option to view the object-level changes. To view the detailed differences for objects, click the View Detailed Rule Diff option. This will show object level differences for the entire policy.

    Unchanged rules

    These are the rules that are not changed between the two policy versions. Unchanged rules are shown using white background. By default, the unchanged rules are shown in collapsible format. Click the >UNCHANGED RULES menu to view all the unchanged rules.

    Moved rules

    Rules that are moved to different position or group. The moved rules are shown using dotted lines. You can view the previous position or group by hovering over the sequence number field for that rule.

    Go back to comparison page

    You can go back and view the policy version page by clicking the <Manage Policy Versions link.