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Use the Advanced Filter to Monitor Specific Tunnels

You can use the advanced filter to filter the list of VPNs that the Tunnel Status page displays based on the VPN name and endpoints.

  1. Select Monitor > Tunnel Status > Device Tunnel Status.
  2. Click the filter icon, then Add filter.

    The Add Criteria page opens.

  3. Complete the configuration of the license according to the guidelines provided
    Table 1: Fields on the Add Criteria Page




    Decide whether to filter the VPN tunnel list based on VPN name or endpoints, then select one of the following options:

    • VPN Name

    • Endpoint 1

    • Endpoint 2


    Select the condition of the search parameter.

    You can choose for the query to match the field value or enter a value to search for results containing the value.


    Enter the VPN or endpoint name as the search parameter value.

  4. Click Add.