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Assigning Policies and Profiles to Domains

You can assign or reassign policies or profiles to different domains when it is first configured and whenever you want to implement a change.

You can assign only one policy or profile at a time. Before assigning a policy or profile to another domain, Juniper Security Director Cloud checks for the validity of the move. If the move is not acceptable, a warning message appears.

  1. Select the landing page for the type of policy or profile to assign to a domain.
  2. From the landing page, click More.

    A list of actions opens.

  3. Select Assign <Policy or Profile> to Domain.

    The Assign <Policy or Profile> to Domain page opens.


    <Policy or Profile> is the name of the policy or profile that you are assigning to a domain.

  4. Select the required items to assign to a domain.
  5. Enable this option to ignore warning messages.
  6. Click Assign.

    A policy or profile is assigned to a domain.