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Deploy a Configuration Template on to a Device

You can deploy a configuration template directly on one or more devices that were previously activated. This enables you to add configurations to devices after a device was activated or to deploy additional configuration to the device.

To deploy a configuration template on a device, you must either be an administrator or a user with the privilege to deploy configuration on devices.

To deploy a configuration template to one or more devices:

  1. Select SRX > Device Management > Configuration Templates.

    The Configuration Templates page appears.

  2. Select the configuration template to deploy and click Deploy to Devices.

    The list of devices to which the configuration template can be deployed appear in the Configuration Templates page.

  3. Do one of the following:
    • If you have not set values for the parameters in the configuration template, click Set Parameters.

      The Template Parameters page appears.

      1. In the Configure tab, set values for the parameters.

      2. Click Preview to view and to render the configuration.

        If the configuration is fine, click OK or change the configuration in the Preview tab if you want to change the configuration.

        On clicking OK, a message indicating that the configuration is successful appears and you return to the Devices list.

      3. (Optional) Click Validate to validate the configuration on the device.

        A message indicating that a job is created for the validation appears. You can view the status of the validation from the Administration > Jobs page.

  4. Click Deploy.

    The Deploy page appears.

  5. Do one of the following:
    • Click Run Now to deploy the configuration on the selected devices immediately.

    • Click Schedule Later to deploy the configuration later.

      If you choose to deploy the configuration later, you must enter the date (in MM/DD/YYYY format) and time (in HH:MM:SS 24-hour or AM/PM format) that you want the deployment to occur.

  6. Click OK.

    The settings are saved and you are returned to the Configuration Templates page. A confirmation message appears indicating that a job is created. For each device, a separate task is triggered in the job to deploy the configuration. You can view the status of the validation from the Administration > Jobs page.