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Delete Devices From Juniper Security Director Cloud

If you do not want Juniper Security Director Cloud to manage a device anymore, you must remove or delete the device from Juniper Security Director Cloud.

  1. Select SRX > Device Management > Devices.

    The Devices page opens

  2. Select the devices to remove, and click the delete icon on the top-right corner of the page.

    If provisioning services, such as firewall policies or configuration templates, are associated with the device that you want to delete, select the Force delete option. If the device you want to delete is provisioned, and you do not select the Force delete option, the device will not be deleted.

    The Delete Devices page opens asking for confirmation of the delete operation. The Delete Devices page also contains information about the topology where the devices are configured along with a warning that the VPN configurations for the device too will be deleted.

    If the configurations of some devices could not be deleted, Juniper Security Director Cloud displays a message identifying the devices to manually delete the configuration using CLI.

  3. Click Yes to delete the device.

The device is deleted from Juniper Security Director Cloud.

As part of this process, the initial configuration on the device to enabled the device and Juniper Security Director Cloud to communicate with each other is deleted.