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Create a Redirect Profile

Use this page to create a redirect profile and configure a custom block message or redirect URL.

To create a redirect profile:

  1. Select Shared Services > Firewall Profiles > Redirect Profiles.
    The Redirect Profiles page appears.
  2. Click the add icon (+).
    The Create Redirect Profile page appears.
  3. Complete the configuration according to the guidelines provided in Table 1.
    Table 1: Fields on the Redirect Profile Page



    Block Message Type

    Select the block message type:

    • Text—If custom text is specified, both the default block message and the custom-defined block message are displayed. The maximum length of custom text is 512 characters.
    • Redirect URL—The URL of the webpage to which the client is redirected. The URL must start with http or https. For example,

      The URL must not exceed 1024 characters.

    Redirect URL

    Enter the block message or redirect URL.

  4. Click OK.
    A profile is created and displayed on the redirect profiles page.