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Create an Antispam Profile

Use the Create Antispam Profiles page to configure antispam profiles.

E-mail spam consists of unwanted e-mail messages usually sent by commercial, malicious, or fraudulent entities. When the device detects an e-mail message deemed to be spam, it either blocks the message or tags the message header or subject field with a preprogrammed string. Antispam filtering allows you to use a third-party server-based spam block list (SBL) and to optionally create your own local allowlists (benign) and blocklists (malicious) for filtering against e-mail messages.


Sophos updates and maintains the IP-based SBL. Antispam is a separately licensed subscription service.

After you create an antispam profile, you can assign it to content security profiles.

To create an antispam profile:

  1. Select SRX > Security Subscriptions > Content Security > Antispam Profiles.

    The Antispam Profiles page appears.

  2. Click the add icon (+) to create a new antispam profile.

    The Create Antispam Profiles page appears, displaying brief instructions about creating an antispam profile.

  3. Complete the configuration according to the guidelines provided in Table 1.

    Fields marked with * are mandatory.

  4. Click OK save the settings and create the profile.

    A message indicating the status of the create operation is displayed. You are returned to the Antispam Profiles page.

    Table 1: Antispam Profile Settings



    General Information


    Enter a unique name for the antispam profile. The maximum length is 29 characters.


    Enter a description for the antispam profile. The maximum length is 255 characters.

    Sophos Blacklist

    Use this toggle button to enable server-based spam filtering. If the toggle button is disabled, which is the default, local spam filtering is used.

    Server-based antispam filtering requires Internet connectivity with the spam block list (SBL) server. Domain Name Service (DNS) is required to access the SBL server. The firewall performs SBL lookups through the DNS protocol.


    Server-based spam filtering supports only IP-based spam block list blocklist lookup. Sophos updates and maintains the IP-based spam block list. Server-based antispam filtering is a separately licensed subscription service.


    Default Action

    Select the action to be taken when spam is detected:

    • Tag Email Subject Line

    • Tag SMTP Header

    • Block Email

    • None

    Custom Tag

    Enter a custom string for identifying a message as spam. The maximum length is 512 characters and the default is ***SPAM***.