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Remove an SRX Series Firewall From Juniper Advanced Threat Prevention Cloud

If you no longer want an SRX Series Firewall to send files to the cloud for inspection, use the disenroll option to disassociate it from Juniper Advanced Threat Prevention Cloud. The disenroll process generates an ops script to be run on SRX Series Firewalls and resets any properties set by the enroll process.

To disenroll an SRX Series Firewall:

  1. Select Shared Services > Advanced Threat Prevention > ATP Devices. Select the check box associated with the device you want to disasssociate and click Disenroll.
  2. Copy the highlighted command to your clipboard and click OK.
  3. Paste this command into the Junos OS CLI of the device you want to disenroll and press Enter.

You can re-enroll this device at a later time using the Enroll option.