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Users Overview

Juniper Security Director Cloud supports authentication and role-based access control (RBAC) to its resources and services. You can access only the resources and actions that are defined in the roles that are assigned to you. The use of access controls allows the assignment of different access privileges to different users.

Following are the supported user types in Juniper Security Director Cloud:

  • Local—Represents users who are manually added in Juniper Security Director Cloud and can access the portal with their account and network credentials.


    To access the portal through their network credentials, local users must also be configured in your identity provider (IdP).

  • SAML (SSO)—Represents users who can access the portal only with their network credentials. You can configure the groups or roles applicable for SSO users in your IdP.

Following are the default roles and permissions for local users:

  • administrator—Users with the administrator role have full access to the Juniper Security Director Cloud GUI and API capabilities. An administrator can add users, create custom roles, and user groups.

  • operator—Users with the operator role have read-only access to the Juniper Security Director Cloud GUI.

For SSO users, the default role configured on the Single Sign-On Configuration page is applied. You can configure the roles and privileges for SSO users in your IdP. You can also create and assign custom roles to SSO users.


To assign a custom role for an SSO user, create and assign a role with the same name and prefix the name with sdc_ in your IdP. For example, to assign an SSO user to "verification" role in the portal, you must first assign the user to a group or role called "sdc_verification" in your IdP.