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About the Secure Web Proxy Page

A secure Web proxy profile provides better quality of service for the selected application traffic by providing direct connections to a webserver. The Secure Web Proxy page enables you to create and manage secure Web proxy profiles for SRX Series firewalls and vSRX virtual firewalls running Junos OS Release 19.2R1 or later. A profile contains information about the list of applications that can bypass an external proxy server and connect to a webserver directly.

You can associate a secure Web proxy profile to a security policy rule for advanced security. So, if the traffic from the device matches with the rule, the traffic bypasses the proxy server and connects to the webserver directly. For information about creating a policy rule, see Add a Security Policy Rule.


If you have configured unified policies (security policies with dynamic applications) on your SRX Series device, the secure Web proxy feature may not function properly. If you have both standard and unified policies configured for the device, the traffic is first processed using the standard policy. If no match is found with the standard policy, only then the traffic is processed using the unified policy. For steps to configure a secure Web proxy profile along with a unified policy, see KB35883.

For information about the benefits, limitations, and how secure Web proxy works on SRX Series devices, see the Application Security User Guide for Security Devices.

Tasks You Can Perform

You can perform the following tasks from this page:

Field Descriptions

The following table describes the information displayed on the Secure Web Proxy page:

Table 1: Fields on the Secure Web Proxy page
Field Description
Name Displays the name of the secure Web proxy profile.
Drop on DNS Error Displays the following statuses:
  • Enabled—if you selected the checkbox to end the session if the web server is unavailable.
  • Disabled—if you did not select the checkbox to end the session if the web server is unavailable.
Application Signatures Displays names of the applications that can bypass a proxy server.
Proxy Address Displays names of the proxy servers that can be bypassed by the applications.
Description Displays the description of the secure Web proxy profile.