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About the Data Management Page

To access this page, click Administration > Data Management.

The Data Management page displays device logs related to security and data traffic. You can export these logs generated up to the past one week or one month, while you can delete the logs that are older than one week, one month, or one year. Juniper Security Director Cloud exports log data in the CSV format.


After 60% of your licensed storage capacity is consumed, Juniper Security Director Cloud notifies you in the following manner to purchase additional storage or free up storage:

  • Displays notifications when you log in to the portal.

  • Sends e-mail notifications every two hours.

If you do not purchase additional storage or free up the existing storage after your storage usage reaches 90% of the capacity, Juniper Security Director Cloud automatically deletes data based on first-in-first-out basis to reduce the storage usage to 70%.

Tasks You can Perform

You can perform the following tasks from this page:

  • Export the device logs related to security and data traffic from Juniper Security Director Cloud. See Export Log Data.

  • Delete the device logs to free up storage. See Delete Device Logs.

Field Descriptions

Table 1: Fields on the Data Management Page
Field Description


The type of action selected.

Time Range Selected

The period of logs selected to either export or delete.


The status of the export or delete job.

Click View Job to view the job status details.

Activity Completed On

The time when the export or delete job completes.

Action Taken By

The user who starts the export or delete job.


The option to download the logs in the CSV format.

Click Download Data in export-related jobs to download the logs.