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Create a Service Location

Use the Create Service Location page to create a pair of POPs (points of presence) for Juniper Secure Edge. Service Location is the set of service instances running in a POP location for a user. If you want to create additional pair of service locations, you must purchase additional licenses. By default, Secure Edge subscription enables you to create a single pair of service locations across geographies. The total users specified for a service location tells Secure Edge the capacity that it needs to provision for.

To create a service location:

  1. Select Secure Edge > Service Management > Service Locations.

    The Service Locations page appears.

  2. Click the add icon (+).

    The Create Service Location wizard appears.

  3. Complete the configuration according to the guidelines provided in Table 1.

    Fields marked with * are mandatory.

  4. Click OK.

    A service location is created. You are returned to the Service Locations page where a confirmation message is displayed.

    • Service locations are available in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific regions.

    • When you create two or more service location pairs for different geographic locations, you can assign any of the service locations as the primary service location and secondary service location on the Traffic Forwarding wizard of Create Site page.

    Table 1: Service Location Settings
    Setting Guideline


    Enter a unique name for the service location pair. Use a maximum of 255 alphanumeric characters.


    Location 1

    Select location 1 for Secure Edge in the region.

    Location 2

    Select location 2 for Secure Edge in the region.



    Select the available subscriptions from the list.

    • To add more than one subscription to the service location pair, click Link Subscriptions.

    • For a pair of service locations, the selected subscriptions should be either Standard or Advanced.

    Total users

    Shows the total number of users who can use Secure Edge for the selected subscriptions. You can increase the total user capacity by linking more subscriptions of the same type.