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About the Service Locations Monitor Page

To access this page, select Monitor > Service Locations.

Use the Service Locations page to view the status of each service location, the number of provisioned users per location, the outbound data transfer per service location, and the available storage.

You can view your data using the Map View or Grid View. By default, the data set is displayed in the Map view for the specified time span. In the Time Span field, you can specify the time range to view the service location's data. Hover over the Time Span field to select the time range.

Map View

Click Map View to view all the service locations pinned in a map. You can hover over each pin to view critical information of that particular service location such as:

  • Current status of the service location
  • Region
  • Location
  • Number of users
  • Bandwidth used by the users

Grid View

Click Grid View to obtain comprehensive details about service locations in a tabular format.

Table 1 provides guidelines on using the fields on the Grid View.

Table 1: Widgets on the Grid View
Field Description
Service Location Name The name of the service location.
Status The current status of the service location.
Users The number of active users in the service location
Bandwidth The total bandwidth used by all the active users.