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Common Operations on a Secure Edge Policy

You can perform common operations on a Secure Edge policy rule from the Secure Edge Policy page.

To perform common operations on a security policy:

  1. Select Secure Edge > Security Policy.

    The Secure Edge Policy page appears.

  2. Click the security policy and click More.

    The following common operations are available for a security policy.

    • Add a rule before an existing rule.
    • Add a rule after an existing rule.
    • Create a copy of an existing rule.
    • Enable the rule.
    • Disable the rule.
    • Probe latest hits to get the latest policy rule hit count. The hit count is incremented by 1 each time an entry is matched.
    • Reset the hit count for a rule. Resetting sets the current hit count to zero.
    • Move the rule by selecting one of the following options:
      • Move Top
      • Move Up
      • Move Down
      • Move Bottom
    • Clear the sections for the rules.