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Deploy Secure Edge Policies

After configuring the rules to the Secure Edge policies, you can deploy the Secure Edge policies by clicking the Deploy option. You can also deploy one or more policies from the Secure Edge Policy page.

To deploy Secure Edge policies:

  1. Select Secure Edge > Security Policy.
    The Security Policy page appears.
  2. Select one or more policies and click Deploy.
    The Deploy page appears.
  3. Complete the configuration as per the guidelines provided in Table 1
    Table 1: Fields on the Deploy page
    Field Description
    Deployment Time Choose one of the following options
    • Run Now—Select this option to deploy the policy immediately.
    • Schedule at a later time—Select this option to specify the date and time at which the policy should be deployed.
    Service Locations Review the list of service locations to which the Secure Edge policy will be deployed.
  4. Click OK.
    A job is created. Click the job ID to go to the Jobs page and view the status of the deploy operation.