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Onboard JIMS Collector

Juniper Secure Edge supports JIMS Collector Release 1.7.0 or later.
  1. Log in to Juniper Secure Edge.
  2. Select Secure Edge>Identity>JIMS.
    The JIMS page opens.
  3. Click +.
    The JIMS Collector Onboarding page opens.
  4. Click Download.

    You can save the JIMS Collector setup file on your computer.

  5. Click Download Certificate to install the Root CA certificate.
  6. Click Generate - Collector Configuration, and save the generated XML configuration file on your computer.

    You can also change the description of JIMS Collector before generating the JIMS Collector configuration file. The JIMS page displays the description in the list of JIMS Collectors.

    Downloading the XML configuration file also automatically generates a secret key to decrypt the configuration in the file in JIMS Collector. A new secret key is generated every time you generate the XML configuration file.

  7. Copy the secret key generated after the XML configuration file is downloaded.
    You will need to load the secret key into JIMS Collector after installing the application.

Juniper Secure Edge displays the onboarded JIMS Collector in the Pending state. The state changes to Active after you install JIMS Collector.