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Create Secure Edge Report Definitions

The secure edge report provides an overview of the outbound data transfer by region for the current month in comparison to the previous 11 months.

To create a secure edge report:

  1. Select Monitor > Reports > Report Definitions.
  2. Click Create, and select JSEC Report.
  3. Complete the configuration according to the guidelines provided in the Table 1.
    Table 1: Secure Edge Report Definition Settings
    Settings Guidelines
    General Information
    Report Name

    Enter a unique string for the report name containing maximum 64 alphanumeric characters.

    The name can contain dashes.

    Description Enter a description containing maximum 900 characters for the report.
    Time Span

    Specify the duration for which the report is generated.

    You can select a time span of the last 3 to 24 hours or a custom time span. When you select the custom option, you must specify the From and To date in the MM/DD/YYYY and HH:MM:SS format.

    Number of Top Logs

    Enter the number of top events to be displayed.

    The valid range is 1 to 20, and the default value is 10.

    Report Schedule

    Click Add Schedule.

    Select the type of report schedule to use:

    • Run now—Select this option to schedule and publish the configuration at the current time.

    • Schedule at a later time–Select this option to schedule and publish the configuration at a later time.

    Email Section
    Email Recipients

    Enable this option to send the report to specific recipients in an email.

    • Recipients—Enter or select the e-mail addresses of the recipients. By default, you can search by first name and select registered users. You can also type in external email addresses.

    • Subject—Enter the subject for the e-mail notification.

    • Comments—Enter the comments for the e-mail notification.


    The reports are not sent if a specified recipient does not have permission for a device or domain included in the report configuration when the report is generated.

  4. Click OK to save the report definition.
A new secure edge report definition with the defined configurations is created.