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Juniper Identity Management Service Overview

Juniper Identity Management Service (JIMS) is a standalone service application that runs on Microsoft Windows. The JIMS application has the following two components:

  • JIMS Collector—Collects and maintains an in-memory cache of user, device, and group information from Active Directory domains or from a syslog client.

    JIMS Collector monitors and collects data from Active Directory every 30 seconds. After collecting the data, JIMS Collector automatically pushes this data to the local JIMS Server and Juniper Secure Edge when JIMS Collector is onboarded on Juniper Secure Edge.

  • JIMS Server—Is installed with JIMS Collector and manages on-premises SRX Series Firewalls. When you use Juniper Secure Edge, JIMS Collector pushes identity information to Juniper Secure Edge when configured.

Juniper Secure Edge supports JIMS Collector Release 1.7.0 or later.

Table 1 lists the ports JIMS Collector uses to connect to various servers.

Table 1: JIMS Collector Communication Ports
Connection Port

JIMS Collector connects to directory services, such as Microsoft Active Directory, using LDAP or LDAPS.

  • LDAP—TCP port 389

  • LDAPS—TCP port 636

JIMS Collector connects to identity Producers, such as Microsoft Domain Controllers or Microsoft Exchange Server, using MSRPC.

TCP port 135

JIMS Collector connects to the SYSLOG server identity producer using internal communications. The SYSLOG server listens to TCP and UDP port for incoming syslog messages.

TCP and UDP port 514

JIMS Collector connects to the PC Probe identity producers using internal communications. PC Probe sends outbound Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) requests to computers using TCP ports.

TCP ports range 49152 to 65535

JIMS Collector pushes data to Juniper Secure Edge using TLS over a TCP port.

TCP port 443

On-premises SRX Series Firewalls pull data from the local JIMS Server.

  • TCP port 443

  • TCP port 591 for JWeb support