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Create a URL Pattern

Use this page to create URL patterns. You can also assign URL patterns to a URL category.

  1. Select Shared Services > Objects > URL Patterns.

    The URL Patterns page opens.

  2. Click +.

    The Create URL Pattern page opens.

  3. Complete the configuration according to the guidelines provided in Table 1.

    Fields marked with * are mandatory.

  4. Click OK.
    Table 1: Fields on the Create URL Patterns Page




    Enter a unique name containing maximum 27 characters.

    The name must begin with a letter or an underscore and can contain alphanumeric characters and special characters such as dashes and underscores.


    Enter a description containing maximum 255 characters.

    Add URLs

    Click +, and enter URLs in the text box.

    • The following wildcard characters are supported in the text box:

      • asterisk (*)—Can only be used at the beginning of a URL and must be followed by a period (.).

      • period (.)

      • square brackets ([])

      • question mark (?)—Can only be used at the end of a URL.

    • All URL patterns containing wildcard characters must begin with http://.

    • The following types of wildcard syntaxes are supported: http://*,, and http://www.example.n??.

    • The following types of wildcard syntaxes are not supported: *.example.???, http://*, http://?, and

    The URLs are displayed in the URL list.

A new URL pattern is created and the URL Patterns page opens.