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About the Service Updates Page

To access this page, select Administration > Service Updates.

The Service Updates page contains a record of scheduled update activities that are planned for updating Security Director Cloud and its features. You can use the Service Updates page to trace the maintenance activities which are in-progress, completed or planned for future.

  • When you subscribe to the e-mail notification for updates and maintenance activities, you receive the first notification seven days before the scheduled maintenance and the second notification three days before the scheduled maintenance.

    And a final notification is sent 24 hours before the scheduled maintenance.

  • When the maintenance activity is complete, you will receive an e-mail notification with details of the completion.

For more details on e-mail subscription, see E-mail Notifications for Regular Updates and Maintenance.

When an update is in progress, the GUI might not be available and displays a We'll be right back message.

E-mail Notifications for Regular Updates and Maintenance

You can subscribe to e-mail notifications for updates and maintenance activities of the Security Director Cloud and its features.


The below message appears on the top-right banner of the GUI when a user is on-board for the first time:

To get notifications on updates and maintenance, click this icon and the option "Receive Update Notifications".
  1. Click the user icon at the upper-right corner of the banner and select Receive Update Notifications option with a No in the parenthesis.

    The Receive Update Notifications wizard appears.


    If you see Receive Update Notifications option with a Yes in the parenthesis, then you are already subscribed to the e-mail notifications.

  2. Select I want to receive email notifications on regular updates and maintenance check box.

  3. Click OK.